Project Description

  • Lower Halstow, Kent
  • Nightingale Homes Estate

Pod Architects were appointed to design the master-plan for this residential project on a sensitive disused brick work site at the edge of the river Medway, in Sittingbourne.

The site contains 5500 Sq. M of disused industrial kilns, warehouses and out houses. The master-plan was designed to create a small residential complex which incorporates this rich history, re-using the brick chimneys and kilns and the traditional Funton brick that made this place of historical interest.

The Sittingbourne district was the centre of brick making in the second half of the 19th century, the building of Victorian London created a vast demand for bricks. The materials were available to manufacture the yellow Kent Stock Brick more cheaply than the traditional red brick. The location of Funton was ideal for transporting finished brick loads to London via barges.